Build status badge

The bitrise build status badges are nice to include in readme’s etc.

But, I’m wondering if there’s any way to choose which branches it concerns? In my opinion we’d like to use it for master, as suits our branching strategy the most. And not to have features branches (which may fail from time to time) affecting the badge.

Is this possible?

Perhaps: url…kasddkokwkwdko.svg?token=XYXYYXYX&branch=master

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Just click the badge on (open your app on and click the badge right next to the title of the app)

That will show you a popup, where you can specify the branch, and it will give you a copy-paste ready embed code / URL.


Thank you! Very nice! Fun to notice that it had the same get parameter name as a guessed :smiley:

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You documented this for others :smiley: