Build rotating icon is not centered

Hello :slight_smile:

spoiler alert: once seen, this cannot be unseen

I’m a long time user of Bitrise and since the early days, I noticed that the rotating icon of in progress builds is not centered on its rotation axis.

Can someone please fix it :smiley:
thanks! :pray:

2022-08-23 23.05.10

Yes please fix. The dashboard has a nicely rotating image. And a nicer colour scheme too. :slight_smile:


Hi there :wave:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, I forwarded this to the developers who will start working on fixing this visual issue :slight_smile:

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Hello there,

I wanted to let you know that a fix has been released! :tada:

Note: his current fix is just about fixing the spinning, we’re soon be renewing the whole build list page which will include major changes. :wink:

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Thanks for the update @Roland-Bak. Looking forward to the refresh of the build list page. :slight_smile:

awesone :slight_smile: thanks!