Bitrise icon missing in Github PR checks

GitHub PR status check currently looks like this:

Previously there was a nice Bitrise icon:

Instead of default, generated GitHub avatar:

Thanks for reporting @koral! Not sure what changed, AFAIK we did not change anything related on our side; we’ll investigate this ASAP!

Icon is re-enabled :slight_smile: It should appear now correctly. Happy building!

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Yep, we found the issue. TL;DR; GitHub changed where the icon/avatar have to be specified. Previously they used our registered “OAuth App” 's Organization Icon (to be honest I think there was no other option back when we registered the OAuth App, the icon could only be the related Org’s icon), but now they added some additional options and require the avatar to be uploaded specifically for the OAuth App, the related Org’s icon is no longer used.

Sorry it took so long @koral and thanks for reporting! :wink: