Build emails : Add workflow's name

Description of the feature request

Add the workflow’s name in the Build notification email

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We have a lot of workflows per project, and when we receive a build fail email, we don’t know which one has failed, you just have project name and branch ( + commit message etc … ). That would be awesome to have it !

Thanks for the #feature-request @c.reverdy!

Awesome idea! Just a question

why does that matter? Just curious. I’d assume you’ll check the build’s page in any case, regardless of the workflow.

Do you trigger builds manually, specifying the workflow by hand?

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Hey Vicktor :slight_smile:

Long version :
It matters because it could be either triggered by a day-to-day job just checking build status, but it could also be a workflow doing UI testing or release job trigger after a merge onto master - and I might not check some failing workflow myself, but I’m interested in others as team lead.

Quick version :
Some workflow have more importance than others.

I hope I’m clear :yum:

Definitely, thank you for the additional info, it helps us to get a more thorough context for when we can start to work on this feature! :wink:

Just one more question

Isn’t the commit message + branch enough info to see which type the failed build was?

Also, are you sure that including the workflow in the email is the best solution for this? Just wondering if this could be solved in a better way.

Including the workflow in the email is a good idea, but maybe we could add some kind of personal notification filtering or tagging, something like “only send me emails about workflow X, Y, and Z and/or about branch master and develop” or “tag the build for me with urgent if workflow X and branch Y is used” (and the tag would be included in the email, maybe even in the subject).

Hello :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t see your reply.

Isn’t the commit message + branch enough info to see which type the failed build was?

Nope, it can be so many things ( Tests, QA Test, Preprod … ) when it fails that the email becomes useless for us without the workflow name.
We usually use Slack for notifications as well, where we include workflow’s names, and its very convenient.

Being able to filter emails by workflow could be very useful !


Sure, I definitely agree that this is a good idea, just want to understand for what / why do you need the workflow name in addition to the branch + commit message (to see if there’s maybe a better solution than just adding the workflow to the body of the email).

Can you just briefly describe a situation where commit message + branch is not enough? Would help a lot!

No problem :slight_smile:

Let’s say, you are working on a new feature, and you’re working on a feature branch. On each commit, you run a workflow ‘Test’, building and running your UTs; everything is green. You have finished developing the feature, you create a pull request, triggering a build for your QA Team to validate. In the meanwhile, you have a workflow triggered to run you Non Regressions Auto Tests, and this will fail => You will receive an email saying that you project has failed on the given branch, but QA will want to know quickly that feature needs to go back to dev, and the email needs to contain the workflow for the QA to be able to identify this.

Other case : you want to do a Beta Build every night, but one night it fails; it’s critical, and your team will want to know what happened.

Do you think these are good reasons ?


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Definitely, thank you for the infos!

It helps a lot to have as much context as possible so that we can discuss what the best solution would be for the issue and if required what would be the best UI & UX :slight_smile: