Add unique identifier (build number) to artifact / public install page notification emails

Add a unique identifier to email header when delivering “____ ready for install” emails.

Currently all notification emails come from the same email address and have the same header. Some email clients (e.g. Inbox) group these into one long conversation. So new builds are at the end of an ever growing list of emails. This is very cumbersome if many emails are sent per week.

If the header was different for each build then they would appear as new email conversations. I think the easiest way would be to include build number or commit hash.

I know there are other feature request to improve email but those ask for full customization (probably a big undertaking) or adding workflow to header(which won’t solve this specific problem) or updating the email body (also won’t solve this specific problem).


Hi @jason.atwood,

Definitely a great idea! Recently we changed one thing for these emails, the artifact / “ready for install” emails are now delivered from

Do you still see these emails grouped incorrectly across your bitrise apps? Ideally grouping should only happen on app level now, no longer between separate apps.

We only have a single app so it’s hard to say. But I imagine that yes, that should work for app-specific grouping.

Sure, makes sense!

P.S.: don’t forget to vote on this #feature-request to bump its priority! :wink: