How to reduce brew's packages installation time

I have a workflow with swiftlint and danger-swift from brew and it takes very long to be installed. Both steps are configured with Enable cache to true and Upgrade formula to false.

How can i reduce the installation time?

Times below:

| βœ“ | Brew install swiftlint                                             | 1.8 min  |
| βœ“ | Brew install danger-swift                                     | 2.1 min  |


Adding cache-push at the end of the workflow and cache-pull at the start no improvement was noticed

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Hi @andr3a88!

Can you please paste a build URL here so we can see what’s going on in these builds? :slight_smile:

Hi @bitce, the build is private if you have the privileges to see it, the id is ae9d56e2b7348488

Thanks! Yes, regardless of it being private, we on support can access the logs and some metadata about the build (when was it started, how, in what environment etc.) The team will be taking a look :slight_smile:

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