Bitrise with Fastlane match always fails to access to repo


I have a fastlane file and the certs repo resides in Gitlab privately. I’ve been trying almost a week and I never make it work. I tried to enable deploy keys with private keys on Gitlab but still nothing happened.
I follow this steps in order to verify myself

What bugs me is my repo and match files resides in the same repo. Bitrise successfully clone the repo but not the Fastlane match files.

Here is my Matchfile:




Here is my FastFile:

lane :sync_signing_assets do |options|
    # sync_device_info
    selected_type = options[:type]
    match(type: selected_type, readonly: true, git_private_key: "SHA256:LzEnYd7ZZbnKW3LmwSm11233XYG3NB4iDUMMY_DATA_wY")

I also set secret env variable MATCH_PASSWORD which is my gitlab password. But still giving me the error:

[21:54:50]: Exit status: 128

[21:54:50]: Error cloning certificates repo, please make sure you have read access to the repository you want to use

Thanks bunch any help and recommendations.

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Hi @serhat-sezer
Thank you for reaching out to Bitrise.
According to the logs, it looks like there is a problem with accessing the git repository. Your CI machine should have an access to the repository where you are storing the certificates.

Following a Git storage and Git repo access sections from fastlane documentation should help you to resolve the issue.

Can you give it a try and tell us how did it go?



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