Bitrise Webhook Server - 1.1.36 - return HTTP 200 in case of "no trigger map entry match"

Bitrise open source Webhook Service v1.1.36 was just released:

Return HTTP code 200 if there was no auth or internal server error, simply the build could not be started (e.g. monthly limit reached or no trigger map entry matches the trigger), to prevent git hosting services to (falsely) auto-disable the webhook in case e.g. if you have a trigger map to only build a single branch.

As mentioned in the related README section (

  • If at least one call fails:
    • In case the error is not an internal error, nor an authorization or any other system error,
      just the build could not be started (e.g. Trigger Map doesn’t have any mapping for the trigger),
      then the response code with be 200. This is to prevent services to “disable” the Webhook,
      as most of the git hosting services auto-disable webhooks if too many / too frequent non 2xx
      responses received.
    • On the other hand, if it’s a system error (e.g. an internal error or an authentication error)
      then of course the webhook server will not return a 2xx (success) code,
      but instead it’ll return a 400 error with as much details in the response about the
      error as the server can determine.
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