Bitrise Runner lets you run your builds in your self-hosted infrastructure

:robot: The Bitrise Runner is a new capability that allows you to use machine of your choice within your own infrastructure, to run Bitrise builds, providing enhanced security, geolocation flexibility, and control over build environments. This capability is available to Starter Package, Teams, Velocity, and Platform pricing customers.

:racing_car: Note that with the Bitrise Runner, you’ll be using Linux and macOS bare metal machines for your builds. This opens up exciting possibilities for faster builds with prewarmed machines. Among the use cases, we highlight mobile gaming with AR/VR apps, where you can also leverage features like Unity license handling.

While the Bitrise Runner offers unparalleled flexibility, there is maintenance and setup effort involved compared to Bitrise-managed machines. For more details, please check out the Runner EULA, the devcenter guide and our Bitrise Runner blog post.

:person_raising_hand:t4:If you are interested in our Windows Runner beta, please sign up here!