Building with Unity software on Bitrise: The best mobile offering for Apple Vision Pro™ Spatial Computing

Bitrise now offers comprehensive support for building with Unity software, streamlining the development for Apple Vision Pro spatial computers, mixed realities, mobile gaming, metaverses, and immersive AR/VR worlds. Overcome previous challenges with enhanced features like automated license handling and instant Unity software builds.

Hello mobile game developers, Unity software specialists, and software engineers! We have exciting news: Bitrise has ramped up its support for building with Unity software, making complex, memory-heavy development of immersive mobile games, metaverses, AR/VR experiences, and more simpler and seamless. What’s more, when building on Mac Studio you can supercharge your Unity software builds 3x when building on Apple Silicon. So, what has changed?


While you could install and build with Unity software on Bitrise, there were challenges some users faced. These included:

  • A lack of clear documentation on utilizing Unity software, such as license activation and how to gain said Unity software licenses.
  • Manual Unity software license handling.
  • Restrictions in the ease and efficiency of building with Unity software, mainly due to manual license handling (the installation and revoking of Unity software licenses having to be done manually).


Bitrise is proud to extend its full support to the Unity software mobile developer community. From AR/VR to intense memory-heavy builds requiring a big asset collection of 1 TB or more. Some of the latest changes include

  • Official documentation to help with building Unity software on Bitrise.
  • An automated Unity software license pool management system for effortless license handling.
  • Build with Unity software on Bitrise without incurring extra costs; it’s all part of your standard credit expenditure based on the chosen machine types.

UI screen shot of the License Pool, illustrating that the license key will be available in an environment variable.

Benefits of building with Unity software on Bitrise

Our Unity-software-focused features, such as automated license management, set Bitrise apart as the CI/CD solution of choice. A few standout features include:

  • Instantaneous Unity software builds.
  • Quick installation: Secure the Unity software version you need in just 2 minutes.
  • Extensive memory options with machines boasting up to 54 GB of RAM.
  • Generous repository support: Manage up to 1 TB on dedicated or private machines.
  • Engage with our vibrant community of Unity software developers right here, or on Slack.

View the full features list here.

Supercharge your Unity software builds

Leverage the advantages of Apple Silicon when building with Unity software on Bitrise. Our internal benchmarks suggest that build times can be accelerated by up to 70% compared to utilizing Rosetta with Apple Silicon.

For those not transitioning to Apple Silicon right away, we offer Rosetta emulation. However, be aware of potential performance limitations. For the best results, we recommend direct builds on Apple Silicon with Unity software.

Why choose Bitrise for your Unity software projects?

Still on the fence? Check out our detailed landing page for an in-depth look into the Bitrise integration with Unity software. From FAQs to features and documentation links, we have it all laid out for you.

Eager to jumpstart your project? Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting with Unity software, Bitrise is primed to elevate your development process. For repositories under 40 GB, utilize our free starter package with M1 Medium machine access. For larger repositories or to harness the power of M1 Max machines (machine specs), please fill out the form for a price estimate.

Notable resources to help you build on Unity software with Bitrise