Bitrise Plugins :io - Command Line / Terminal interface for to manage your apps on right from your terminal / command line

A Terminal / Command Line interface for, to manage your apps on right from your terminal / command line.

Source code:

Related #feature-request : Use bitrise-cli to build a mobile app like heroku does / A Terminal / Command Line interface for, to manage your apps on right from your terminal / command line

The latest version on the master branch can do the following things:

$ bitrise-plugins-io --help

Bitrise IO plugin

  bitrise-plugins-io [command]

Available Commands:
  apps        Get apps for user
  auth        Authenticate
  builds      Get builds for app
  help        Help about any command
  log         Get log of build
  version     Print version

  -h, --help   help for bitrise-plugins-io

Use "bitrise-plugins-io [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Working on the new builds list command, using Go’s tabwriter · & some coloring:

Yesterday I worked on the apps list command. Not sure yet whether the formatter output should use tabwriter here as well :thinking:

Update: just published:

A revision of what happens if the Personal Access Token expires or is revoked. In short previously the tool just printed the fact without any further steps or help.

From now it prints the fact but also clears out the PAT stored locally, as well as prints at least some guidance what you can do to remediate the issue:

And if you’d try the command again, instead of just another “Unauthorized” message you’ll get:

Working on some enhancement for the browse command as well:

It introduces two things:

  1. Print the URL before attempting to open it in a web browser, so that even if the open would fail you can find the URL in the log and copy paste it manually
  2. Introduced a new flag (--open=false) to not to open the URL in the web browser. This mode simply just prints the URL but does not attempt to open it.



Working on publishing a new release of the plugin, after some readme and setup guide revisions.

Version 0.0.4 was just released:

Includes all the recent revisions, and can now be installed directly via the bitrise cli:

bitrise plugin install --version=0.0.4

README revisions:

browse command can now open a specified build directly:

Also working on artifact commands:

You can now:

  • artifact list to get a list of artifacts (for a specific build)
  • artifact show to show data of a specified artifact, including the download URL
  • and artifact download which “downloads” the artifact. It can only print for now but that can be piped into a file, as well as I’ll add an option to save into file directly once I have some time to finish it :wink:

artifacts list now uses a tabbed / table based output like builds:

Released v0.0.5 which includes:

  • browse command new flag: build - to open specific build (#43)
  • Artifacts commands: list, show, download - (#42)

Can be installed with:

bitrise plugin install --version=0.0.5