Bitrise API - GraphQL support

Bitrise API is very easy-to-use :white_check_mark:

But what about using GraphQL in next few years (v1/v2) in order to fetch data easily, producing compact JSON and using less HTTP requests?

For example, today for having app public download URL, I have to do 3 kinds of request :

  • In case of 30 builds for one app
    • 1 request for getting builds
    • 30 requests for getting slugs
    • 30 requests for getting public URL
      Total of HTTP requests : 62.

With a GraphQL solution, it would be easier to fetch this kind of info with only one request.

Great idea, thanks for the #feature-request @jhanzo! :slight_smile:

Note: we’ll soon add Webhooks, which will make it easier to connect your own system with in a “reactive” style. E.g. you’ll be able to get a webhook when the build is finished, so that you can then store the build ID/slug on your server to build a history or similar, or to only query that build’s data (instead of fetching the build list every time).

P.S.: don’t forget to vote on the #feature-request :wink:

Very Nice :slight_smile: for now we are using curl when build is finished for sending an HTTP request to our Nodered server. Once received Nodered dispatches message to the correct tool : Skype/Slack/Mail/…

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