API v0.1 (Work In Progress)

The API is work-in-progress. Follow this topic to get notified about new endpoints, and changes (if it would be required - we try not to change existing endpoints if we don’t have to).

The API docs started to get quite extensive, so we moved it to for easier digest and for better Table of Content and link-to-section support.

WIP / working on it

  • Download build log
  • Get build artifacts + download URLs (/download endpoint?)
  • Abort a build endpoint (with reason + status param); should be possible to abort a build with success status
  • Manage (upload & download) files located under “Code Signing & Files” on
  • Docs: limit query param & errors
  • /builds list - filter: branch - together with limit=1 this can be used for quickly checking the status of the latest build & the latest on a specified branch
  • Enforce HTTPS for the API - redirect from http to https
  • Build Trigger endpoint
  • Download/upload/edit the bitrise.yml of a project
  • Watch / Unwatch an app (notifications)

Feature / endpoint requests

If you want to request a new API feature / endpoint, please do it here:


Have you thought about publishing a swagger description of the API so that it’s easy to generate SDKs?


At one point we definitely will, but no ETA for that yet.

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FYI there is some inconsistency with the error handling.
“message”: “Not Found”


“error_message”: “Not Found”

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Good catch, thanks for reporting! :wink:

(I’ll let you know here when it’s fixed)

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Is is possible to make respond the same as The API modeling software I’m using appends a trailing slash which results in Not Found.

Ideas for improving the returned data:

  • Identify cancelled builds (requires having an end point to cancel builds)
  • Text status of the build result (failed, succeeded, cancelled, etc.)
  • Build times

Trailing slash: fix scheduled :wink:

Endpoint improvements: exactly what I had on my list, so it shouldn’t take too long :slight_smile:

DONE: Pagination docs section added

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DONE: Include this discuss URL in the “link to docs” message in the root response of

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DONE: FIX: “Content-Type” instead of “Content Type” (missing -)

Content-Type is now set to application/json; charset=utf-8 for every endpoint.

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DONE: Handle /x and /x/ the same way (trailing /) - API v0.1 (Work In Progress)

Tech Note: /x/ redirects to /x; e.g. /v0.1/ is a redirect to /v0.1

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DONE: FIX: error message response format inconsistency - API v0.1 (Work In Progress)

Fixed, every endpoint should now return with message in case of error (and a proper HTTP code, of course), instead of with error_message.

Thanks for reporting @bootstraponline! :wink:

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DONE: Build: status: return a status_text too, not just the code, as well as is_on_hold

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DONE: Include commit hash & message in build data

A post was merged into an existing topic: Bitrise Public API


  • Include tag in build data (tag)
  • Include workflow id in build data (triggered_workflow)
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DONE: Include build time, and build start & finish times in the build data.

Included times in the response:

  • triggered_at
  • started_on_worker_at
  • environment_prepare_finished_at
  • finished_at
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Thank you for adding the build time info. That’s super helpful for measuring build health. :slight_smile:

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Indeed, we have quite a few use cases for these data as well :wink:

Will push another update shortly, with “abort reason” included if the build was aborted, as well as normalizing empty infos to be null instead of empty strings (e.g. if a tag is not defined it’ll be "tag":null instead of "tag":"")


DONE: Build: Abort reason (if any)

CHANGE: undefined parameters are now returned as null, instead of a default value (e.g. an empty string). Change example: previous "tag":"" is now "tag":null when tag was not specified for the build.