Bitrise Android App


I have created an android application that uses the current Bitrise API (v0.1).
For now, you can connect to the API using the generated token from the website (no way to get it from credentials yet).
After that you can list all your projects and build, and install directly your APK.

This project is a solo, I made it to test some Android features, and could be able to replace Crashlytics Bêta if some endpoint are added.

Feel free to give me some feedback.

Here is the link :

I also got a question for Bitrise Team, do you mind if I put the project on google play ?

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Thanks @z17jdavi for sharing it here! We absolutely love it! :slight_smile:

In general not an issue, but please contact our support (via email or the onsite chat) to clarify a couple of details e.g. naming of the app, to be sure it conforms to the branding policy etc. :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

First version is available here :slight_smile:

I took a robot but it’s not bitrise icon (look like it somehow :wink: )

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Looks awesome, thank you @z17jdavi! :tada: :slight_smile:

Crashes after I put my token in and hit enter.

Hi @coltonidle : I have made a hotfix on the new version. There were some problems due to date format…
Hope it will work.



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Thanks @Novajox! :tada: :slight_smile: