Bitrise adding additional directory in build path?

In the derived data output of a build (or a custom DD path), the path looks like this when running via xcode or using xcodebuild from CLI:


but on Bitrise, another level is added,


Any reason for this or why this is? My current work-around is to look for the user “vagrant” in my build script and do custom behaviour when on Bitrise… not ideal?

How do you run this xcode command? With an Xcode step or from a Script step?

In general there’s absolutely no Bitrise specific thing going on. Even if you use an Xcode step that prints the whole xcodebuild command it will run, and it does not modify anything on that command, it just runs it.

I’d suggest you to try these local debug/reproduction steps, and let us know if that helps / how that goes:

Is this build script an Xcode Build Phase script, or you’re referring to a build step/script?

I’m running this command in Bitrise with a bash step.

This then builds an aggregation target in Xcode, which has a post build step with runs two xcodebuild commands.

Will try the debug locally stuff

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Let us know how the local debug goes!