Bitrise ignoring Xcode Run Script

I have a Xcode Build Phase Run Script to add some extra settings on dev builds like so:

if [ "${CONFIGURATION}" != "Release" ]; then

echo "Copying Data"
echo "${PROJECT_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}/Settings.bundle"
echo "To product"

cp -r "${PROJECT_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}/Settings.bundle" "${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR}/${PRODUCT_NAME}.app"

When I compile/archive it locally, I see the output:

Copying Data
To product

Is there something that could cause to ignore the Run Script phase or maybe some of those variables, like: ${PROJECT_DIR} or ${BUILT_PRODUCTS_DIR} don’t exists on Bitrise environment?

Hi @bot!

Can you please post a build URL here about this happening so we can check out the logs? :slight_smile:

build URL like this one?
Let me know if that’s not what you needed.

Hi there! :wave: The build URL would begin with and would also contain your app’s build slug which is an alphanumeric string. The URL would point to the page where you normally view your build log. Could you send me that URL please?

That’s exactly what I posted before, but it seems this forum is parsing the link and cropping the URL.
See how it looks when it’s on edit mode:

Here’s the path without host to see if it fixes the issue:

it turns out the script is being executed, but it’s just not being echoed for some reason.

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