Support Pull Request Updated

Please add support for “Pull Request Updated” webhook trigger

How I would use it? When a PR is updated with a new commit based on PR comments/changes, I want the PR Build to execute, where a local merge point is created, and the build execute against this merge point. Currently without support I cannot verify coverage, tests, etc on changed PRs. Thus a dev can theoretically merge a broken build, merge lower test coverage, etc etc because update PR branch is not building a ‘PR Build’ Note this is how Jenkins pipelines work…a PR Job created by pipelines always performs a local merge point prior to building.

Hi @douglasknudsenIHG!

Thanks for your #feature-request! Can you provide a bit of context? For what git service would you like to see this implemented? :slight_smile:

somehow lost this! ok…so, we use BitBucket server. This help? The BB Webhooks provide this information, thus how Jenkins is able to do this.