BitBucket Server PR descriptions not read by Bitrise webhook

Hello folks!

My team uses Bitbucket Server for code management, and we are integrated with Bitrise for our mobile apps. Per the documentation, adding the label [skip ci] in the PR title or description should skip a CI build for PRs. I noticed that this works in the title, but not in the PR description because PR description is not coming through at all.

Here is a screenshot showing the triggered PR build and how the PR description field is blank (though it is populated in Bitbucket):

I want [skip ci] to be enabled for PRs automatically when our devs create a new PR (our Bitbucket instance does not have draft PRs, this will mirror that functionality). However, we cannot have a template for the PR title and only the description. It would be great if the PR webhook could parse the PR description from the Bitbucket server payload outlined in these docs: Event payload | Bitbucket Data Center 7.21 | Atlassian Documentation

Hi @giannic

Thanks for reaching out.

It would be great if you raise a support ticket here -

And also enable support access so the support team can look at your app - Enabling the Bitrise Support Access for your app - Bitrise Docs

Thank you


Done, thank you!