Emulate android

I’m new to Bitrise, I’m trying to emulate Android. However, I always get this error and
my workflow is:

I have already tried following the tutorial:

However, I could not understand well.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to solve this problem?

Thank you!

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Are you trying to run Android emulator on macOS stack? It seems that it’s impossible now due to Intel HAXM requirement. See my issue here: Cannot launch Android emulator created by AVD Manager on macOS stack

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Hi @willer.morais!

Can you let us know a few details? How far are you into the process, what does your workflow look like, did you try to implement the suggested script in the thread?

Very likely, there is a Certificate and profile installer step in the workflow which is usable only on macOS.

Whats the alternative to using the ‘Certificate and profile installer’ on a non-mac environment if we just want to run an Android VM but build a Android App (based on Flutter)

Hey @chriswellings!
For an Android environment, we have the Android Sign step :slight_smile:

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