Automatically add xcreport files to build artefacts or to test report plugin


Description of the feature request

I see that Bitrise already can detect Fastlane reports and Xcode raw logs after running xcode-test step and upload them with deploy-to-bitrise-io step. In practice it’s more useful to upload not just logs but also Xcode test report archive, which allows developer to view it locally like it was run on their machine. Here is how we did in our workflow, as you see it does not require any special processing as path to archive is already set by xcode-test step. We only have to put reports for different test runs in separate folders so that they don’t override each other (instead they can have unique names rather than just Test.xcreport, I suppose this can be controlled by xcode-test step or names can be post-processed by deploy step).

- script:
         title: Copy xcreport
         is_always_run: true
         run_if: ".IsBuildFailed"
         - content: |-
             mkdir "${BITRISE_DEPLOY_DIR}/${TEST_IPHONE_DEVICE}"

Alternatively it would be nice for Test Report plugin to support xcreport and allow to download them from test report. At the moment if xcreport is uploaded to test results directory Test Report plugin reports that it’s not configured correctly and don’t show any results at all.



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