Is there a way to extract the *.xcresult file after the virtual-device-testing-for-ios step

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out a way to find the path to the .xcresult bundle generated after a UI test run.
The current setup of the workflow is like this:

  • fastlane step running scan lane and generating (Debug-iphoneos) and (*.xctestrun) files
  • virtual-device-testing-for-ios step is uploading those files to Firebase TestLab service to be ran on a physical device
  • deploy-to-bitrise-io step is used to deploy file to the build artifacts (from the logs it doesn’t seem like it’s doing much other than this)

So with this setup, I’m able to access the Test Reports add-on and see the results generated by Firebase TestLab, as well as the Test Artifacts which by clicking on “Download All Files” I can view all artifact files including the *.xcresult bundle file I need.

However, this file doesn’t seem to be available on Bitrise machines? I tried to use remote access and looked for it everywhere, but the .xcresult bundle file is no where to be found.

How can I get this file during the run of the Bitrise build?

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