Attach metadata to builds

It would be nice if we could attach metadata to builds. The metadata would then be available via the API (for example, test count). There’s a lot of valuable information about builds (detailed per step duration info, test pass, test fail, test count, test duration) that could be exposed via metadata. The individual steps could even populate the metadata by default (ex: a test step runner knows the test results).

Sauce Labs allows attaching arbitrary key/value pairs under a metadata section.

  "metadata": [
    "test_count": 1

Thanks for creating the #feature-request @bootstraponline :wink:

Btw I had something like this in my list, built as a service, hope we can find the time to work on this asap

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Another use case is detailed build timing info. It’d be valuable to track on a per step level where the build time is going. That data is displayed in the console but isn’t API accessible.

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We’re definitely interested in this feature, could use it ourselves too. Hope it gets enough votes to bump its priority.

In the short term a kind of workaround will be soon available in the form of a new Bitrise API endpoing ( API v0.1 (Work In Progress)) where you can fetch artifacts. Not perfect, but with that you’ll be able to store your metadata as an file/artifact attached to the build and get it through the API.

That could be awesome. JSON artifacts would store all the required metadata. :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I was thinking - and what we plan to utilize internally until a metadata service is implemented :wink:

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