API to retrieve the build summary

Description of the feature request

Expose an API endpoint in https://api-docs.bitrise.io/ that will return only the execution summary of build.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Currently the way to retrieve this is to get the build log, and parse the last chunk. The request is to expose this information in a straight-forward json structure and without the color stylings.

The output of this new API may be used in analyzing where specific builds are taking time and what can be prioritized for optimization.

Thank you for your suggestion. It will be reviewed, but please realize that we have lots of feature requests! The more upvotes, the more likely it will be implemented!


Noted and expected since capacity is always finite.

Please also add the requirement that aborted builds should still have a summary. In the case of abort (user invoked or time limit was reached) the summary is never generated.


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