Asset validation failed

we have a problem of blocking, it had a great effect on our ios development on the react-native framework, we managed to build the ipa but when we import it on Apple store, we got an error we have it attached.

I’m sure that we puted our icons in the right place so we don’t know why our app is not being accepted by apple store
we will be grateful if we got an answer as soon as possible
Thank you for all your assistance

Asset validation failed (90713)
Missing Info.plist value. A value for the Info.plist key ‘CFBundleIconName’ is missing in the bundle ‘com..*****’. Apps built with iOS 11 or later SDK must supply app icons in an asset catalog and must also provide a value for this Info.plist key. For more information see (identifiant : 3a9c2de5-70b7-4b78-b2dd-6493692b1bd1)

Asset validation failed (90022)
Missing required icon file. The bundle does not contain an app icon for iPhone / iPod Touch of exactly ‘120x120’ pixels, in .png format for iOS versions >= 10.0. To support older versions of iOS, the icon may be required in the bundle outside of an asset catalog. Make sure the Info.plist file includes appropriate entries referencing the file. See Apple Developer Documentation (identifiant : c9bec6cc-1fed-4e87-b78e-87d1389349ce)

Asset validation failed (90704)
Missing App Icon. An app icon measuring 1024 by 1024 pixels in PNG format must be included in the Asset Catalog of apps built for iOS, iPadOS, or watchOS. Without this icon, apps cannot be submitted for review. For details, see App Icons - Foundations - Human Interface Guidelines - Design - Apple Developer. (identifiant : f6a6e44c-728d-4d85-8e57-d40de30a3483)


Thank you for contacting Bitrise support.

From the error message it seems like the app is rejected by Apple app store because there’s no definition of CFBundleIconName in your asset’s info.plist and you need to add two required app icon images with size of 120x120 pixels and 1024 by 1024 pixels.

You can check this post on stackoverflow for further detail and solution:

Hope this helps!

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