Appium 2.0 + iOS

Trying to set up workflow to run automation tests which built on Appium 2.0

  • Same workflow works fine on local Bitrise CLI
  • Facing issues on bitrise

Capabilities used:
config.capabilities = [
// The defaults you need to have in your config
platformName: “iOS”,
maxInstances: 1,
// For W3C the appium capabilities need to have an extension prefix
// This is appium: for all Appium Capabilities which can be found here
“appium:deviceName”: “iPhone Simulator”,
“appium:platformVersion”: “16.0”,
“appium:orientation”: “PORTRAIT”,
“appium:automationName”: “XCUITest”,
‘appium:simulatorStartupTimeout’: 240000,
// The path to the app
“appium:app”: join(
“appium:newCommandTimeout”: 240,
“appium:showIOSLog”: false

Specific issue is

2023-05-22 09:24:13:569 [AppiumDriver@ff04] Encountered internal error running command: Error: The simulator 5CADD195-7AFE-4F0B-8ABC-0DE7BB4D56F3 has failed to finish booting after 1s. Original status: Invalid device: 5CADD195-7AFE-4F0B-8ABC-0DE7BB4D56F3

What could be wrong here?