CI with Appium Automation Testing

My automation is on a separate repository using Appium, it is used for my iOS and Android app testing.

When I try to add an app, there is no support for Maven project, it only provides some options like set “iOS/Android/Fastlane, etc” but not for Maven project.

There is no document about it, I can just add “XCTest” as a step for iOS app in workflow, or “gradle unit test” for Android in workflow.

So I don’t know how to setup my automation build on bitrise, do you have any idea?

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In general if you can’t find a step for the task you’re looking for you can just use the Script step to install & use any tools (docs:

Appium related discussion:

If you have any questions just let us know!

Another thing which might help, you can use our CLI on your Mac/Linux to run the same build config:

(it’s the same runner which runs the builds on