Android Emulator - None of the images <API34 are working

So on ubuntu-22 the latest container,

which Android API versions and which image types are supported and is working ?

so far anything I tried between API 24 to 30 don’t work.

31 doesn’t work. 32 doesn’t work.

None of them work with default, aosp or google-apis images.
33 Doesn’t work.

34 only works with aosp_atd only. Anything else is seemingly dead.

Is there something that works before 34, aosp_atd ? I need to get a single emulator running with “default” image. Something that boots up and works.

Hi @sdfgsdfgd :wave:

Can you please share more information about what you tried, and what error you got?

@sdfgsdfgd as we’ll most likely need some build configs & logs, can you please create a ticket here?