Reproducible crash on Android Emulators

The emulator for API version 23,24,25 all crash when using the images that contain google apis


Can you please copy paste the related step’s log here? Would help a lot to see what exactly crashes.

Also, did you follow this local debug guide How to debug your build locally / "It works on my Mac/PC but not on" ? Might help as well, especially if you use the Linux/Android stack, there you can download the whole environment through docker as explained in the guide.

Yes, crashes running locally with CLI.
The step is just a failure due to process crash. says to see the logcat
Here is a snippet with the crash from the device

as you can see by the “murder suicide” it’s pretty serious

The good news is if you fix it locally it’ll work on too :wink:

Now, why it crashes: how do you run those tests without the CLI? Asking because the CLI just calls android tools, there’s nothing special in those steps.