Add the failed step name to the "Send a Slack message" step message

Description of the feature request

When a workflow ends, you can send a message with information about the result to a Slack channel with the help of the “Send a Slack message” step. This message contains the app, branch and workflow names. It is enough when the workflow is successful, but lack information when it fails.

It would be great if it also contained the name of the exact step that failed within the workflow (the step name would be enough).

Use case / for what or how I would use it

A workflow with 10 steps fails. The failing step is the lint check.
I wouldn’t need to check the Bitrise console for further information if the Slack message already tells me that, I could start checking lint locally and fixing the warnings before pushing the changes for a new run.

Hey there @jgironda :wave:

Thanks for the feature request, it does sound pretty useful :slight_smile: