Add the ability to show custom values on build summaries

Description of the feature request

Currently build screen shows minimal information for each build:

  • branch | workflow
  • time trigerred | build time | #build id

it would be nice to show additional custom information that are meaningful about the build.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Currently, reading values such as the build number (and not the build id) requires printing this value in the logs and scrolling through the Bitrise interface looking for this particular line.

It would therefore be very useful to include additional values in the build screen, in order to rapidly access useful information about the job.

One way of doing it could be to allow users to specify which ENV vars should be displayed on each build summary.

For example ENV[“BUILD_NUMBER”] may appear like this:

  • branch | workflow | build_number: 1488

Thank you for the #feature-request, @pjechris, great idea! :slight_smile:

Hi @pjechris,

Where do you want to present these custom information? What do you mean by “build summary”? Just to be sure we get the idea right :slight_smile:

@viktorbenei here’s an example of what I mean and where :wink:

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Got it and love it! Thanks for the example & for the #feature-request @pjechris! :slight_smile: