Expose user-defined strings in builds list


Description of the feature request

It would be great to be able to add short strings or numbers into the build “cell” in the builds list. I don’t know exactly what would be the ideal way to do this, maybe setting an environment variable that, upon build completion (or only success), is read by Bitrise and saved with the build information.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

Why would I want that: in our case at Houzz, we use our own build numbers and versions. We calculate them at the beginning of a build based on a few parameters, as the app being built, previous build numbers, etc.

In that case, it’s a bit annoying that we need to open the full log, search for the step that defines the version and build number, and look for the value. In case it’s not what we’re looking for, iterate over each build until we find the one we’re looking for.

With this feature available, we could do:

#this is what we already do to set the build number and version
envman add --key APP_VERSION --value "$version" 
envman add --key APP_BUILD --value "$build" 

#this would allow exposing a string to the Build UI
envman add --key BITRISE_USER_DEFINED_BUILD_INFO --value "Version: $version. Build: $build"

Then, it could be displayed in the build item:

What are your thoughts?