Add option to Submit for Review


I would like to see a Submit for Review as part of Ship for App Store Connect.

With Deploy to iTunes Connect, we can have builds automatically submitted for review.

We would prefer to use Ship for this process, as we dont necessarily want every build going to the App Store, so Ship allows us to internal QA prior to TestFlight with minimal complication.

The only downside is that we now have to go to AppStore Connect and submit for review after the upload has been completed and appears on the portal (which seems to take 15-30 minutes).



Hi @danielewood! :wave:

Thanks for submitting this as a feature request! I have passed it on to the team who is working on Ship. I’ll make sure to update this thread if there are any updates. :blush:

In the meantime, they suggested a workaround. You could run the Deploy to iTunes Connect step with a condition, with a run_if statement to make sure the step only runs when you would submit the app. I hope this helps!