Add inAppUpdatePriority for Google play deploy step

Description of the feature request


We would like the ability to specify the inAppUpdatePriority field in the Edits.tracks.releases section using the Google Play Developer API for the Google play deploy step.

Use case / for what or how I would use it

We want to implement in app updates, a feature from Google IO 2019. One useful aspect of this feature is to be able to specify when a user should be prompted to update their app based on the priority of the latest release.

The in app updates documentation states that we can set this priority using the Google Play Developer API

To determine priority, Google Play uses an integer value between 0 and 5, with 0 being the default, and 5 being the highest priority. To set the priority for an update, use inAppUpdatePriority field under Edits.tracks.releases in the Google Play Developer API. Priority can only be set when rolling out a new release, and cannot be changed later.

This would mean that for each release we could specify whether we should prompt a user to upgrade to that version.

This would be really useful in getting customers to update to certain versions of our app and checking out new features. Please let me know any advice or if this is possible in any other way.


Wait. Is this a thing that’s available in Google Play manually?

@coltonidle Unfortunately not. It can only be done when uploading the APK/Bundle through Google Play Developer API.


Does the API also allow you to trigger if an update is an immediate update flexible update?

@coltonidle you set in your apps code what is a flexible or immediate update. E.g. in your app you would say if there’s >0 priority update available then it’s flexible but if it’s >3 then it’s immediate.

Nice. I was thinking about implementing this feature, but there wasn’t a way to do this without building out a backend endpoint to support this. This makes it much easier.

This has my support. =)

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Hey all,

@tamaspapik @Roland-Bak @godreikrisztian sorry for tagging you directly. I have created a pull request with this feature implemented here. It’s not a massive change, but I’m more than happy to make any changes you request.

I have also pushed a fork of this repo with the change here if anyone would like to use this feature in the meantime.

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Hi @JaerenMoneyBox! Sorry for the delay! Thank you so much for this however, the team was notified and they will be getting back to you on the PR.

@bitce Thanks very much, I look forward to the guys response.

Hey @bitce any update on this?


Hi @JaerenMoneyBox! The task is assigned and the team should pick it up shortly. You’ll see the updates on the pull request as soon as there is any.

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