403 error popup when trying to view vote limit details


Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use all the votes (15 currently)
  2. Go to not-voted feature topic. I used this one: Allow to upload app icon
  3. Click Limit

Expected result:

  • Tooltip with text “You are out of votes, remove an existing vote!” appears

Actual result:

  • Pop-up with 403 error is shown additionally (only when clicking first time after loading the page)

In the JS console I see that indeed there is a POST request to https://discuss.bitrise.io/voting/vote and response HTTP code is 403. Request is not performed on subsequent clicks.

Label text is set to “Limit”, not “Vote” so information whether voting is allowed is already present, there is no need to perform voting.

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Hi, this is an issue with the forum engine. We will update it soon as it might fix the issue. Also, you can submit an issue report to their website at https://www.discourse.org/

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It seems that it has been already submitted: https://meta.discourse.org/t/the-vote-button-should-be-disabled-when-the-limit-is-reached/68902



Thanks @koral for reporting! We’ll track that discussion and update ASAP when it’s fixed! :wink: