Xcode-test step fails to export step outputs

When running the xcode-build step my unit tests execute successfully but then the step fails because exporting the test results finds no results.

Test Succeeded
Tests Passed: 0 failed, 0 skipped, 469 total (5.633 seconds)
Xcode Test command succeeded.
Exporting test results
$ cp "-a" "/var/folders/7l/rszmbrmd6tv4pg52z6ql_5rc0000gn/T/XCUITestOutput1431364617/Test-REDACTEDUnitTests.xcresult" "/var/folders/7l/rszmbrmd6tv4pg52z6ql_5rc0000gn/T/test_results405633312/step_test_result1107968578/REDACTEDUnitTests/"
Failed to export Step outputs: %!!(MISSING)w(<nil>)
Failed to export Step outputs: %!!(MISSING)w(<nil>)

Here is my step configuration

    - xcode-test@5:
        - project_path: "$BITRISE_PROJECT_PATH"
        - scheme: REDACTEDUnitTests
        - relaunch_tests_for_each_repetition: "yes"
        - test_repetition_mode: retry_on_failure
        - destination: platform=iOS Simulator,name=iPhone 14 Pro Max,OS=latest

I am using xcode 15.3 and targeting iOS 17.0

Hi @byates-fleetio - welcome to the Bitrise forum!

The best way to get this resolved is to raise a support ticket here - https://support.bitrise.io/hc/en-us/requests/new

And also enable support access so the support team can look at your app - Enabling the Bitrise Support Access for your app - Bitrise Docs

Thank you!