Xcode Test for iOS add xcbeautify as build output tool

Currently the Xcode Test for iOS only allows xcpretty or Xcode build as the output tool. Xcpretty does not work with parallel tests output and xcodebuild just gives a summary of the last 20 lunes from the log.

Instead we would like to use xcbeautify as the output tool but it is not an option on the current configuration. https://github.com/thii/xcbeautify

Could support be added for this?

Hello there @bencallis :wave:

I would post this in the Feature Requests section, which is what we use to track
what is most desired by the community, as you can vote for them.

You can reach that here: Feature Requests - Bitrise Discussions
Don’t for get to also vote for the request! :slight_smile:

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