Xcode-Analyse fails on Xcode 10.2

Xcode Analyze fails with error:

:x: error: An empty identity is not valid when signing a binary for the product type ‘Application’. (in target ‘SOME_APP’).

Link to Github issue:

Hello there, as you know we are aware of the issue, the tooling team will fix it, I hope really soon. :upside_down_face:

@fehersanyi-bitrise @viktorbenei Hey guys, could you make this a higher priority?! It seems like an easy fix on your end (just remove the extra argument in Xcode build command). It has been broken our CI for a week now! We moved to Xcode 10.2 stack after seeing your announcement post here Xcode 10.2 final arrived!. You should a least let us know if the tooling isn’t fully working!

Hy there, please be patient, it’s not that the team is not working, the team consists of 5 engineers total that are working on this whole platform. the fix will be done, it just needs time, and we will notify you when it is done.

@viktorbenei @fehersanyi-bitrise It’s been another week since I reached out last time. Any updates?

Hy, please be patient, the issue will be fixed, and we will notify you. Unfortunately we are very short handed and fixes take time.

I can confirm this is fixed in the newest step version.

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