Xcode 12.5 Stack Removal

We wanted to let you know that in the next four weeks, we’ll be removing the Xcode 12.5 stack. This means that all apps using this stack will need to migrate over to a Xcode 13.0 or newer stack, before June 9th.

If you are currently selecting to use Xcode 12.5 on Intel, you will be moved onto Xcode 13.4 on Apple silicon.

To ensure a smooth transition, please migrate to a Xcode 13.0 or newer stack by selecting it from the drop-down on the Stacks and Machines page. Once logged in, go to Workflow Editor → Stacks & Machines → and select a stack.

Please ensure that you migrate to Xcode 13.0 or newer before Friday, June 9, 2023. Failure to do so may result in compatibility issues and possible downtime.

If you have any questions, please submit them via our support page.

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