Stack deprecations effective May 23rd, 2022 - Xcode 10.3, 11.6, 12.0, 12.1, 12.2 and 12.3 stacks

We recently deprecated a few of our Xcode stacks and will remove them in a scheduled platform update on May 23rd, 2022.

Affected stacks

Builds that are using any of the mentioned stacks will be automatically migrated to 13.2.x Xcode version.

  • Xcode 10.3 → Xcode 13.2.x
  • Xcode 11.6 → Xcode 13.2.x
  • Xcode 12.0 → Xcode 13.2.x
  • Xcode 12.1 → Xcode 13.2.x
  • Xcode 12.2 → Xcode 13.2.x
  • Xcode 12.3 → Xcode 13.2.x

You will be able to change stacks even after the deprecation on your own using the Stacks selector page of your workflow.

For YMLs stored in repositories

In your repository look for the stored bitrise.yml file and make sure all references of the deprecated stacks are replaced with a valid stack. For Xcode 13.3 use the following stack for example: stack: osx-xcode-13.2.x

    - script@1:
        - content: |-
            #!/usr/bin/env bash

            echo "Hello World!"
        stack: osx-xcode-13.2.x
        machine_type_id: g2.12core

Additional information

From 25 April, Apple will start requiring all apps being built with Xcode 13 to be accepted for App Store submissions. We suggest switching to one of the Xcode 13 stacks.

Deprecation is also presented on the website, everywhere the stack’s title/description is presented, including the stack selector.

You can read more about our stack update and deprecation policies on the topic here.

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