[Xamarin.forms] NUnit Runner fails with “Failed to read test result, error: test result not exist at: /Users/vagrant/deploy/TestResult.xml’

I have a .netstandard project which has a NUnit test project I have added the NUnit step to my build but it is always failing with this message:

“Failed to read test result, error: test result not exist at: /Users/vagrant/deploy/TestResult.xml”

Even with a new NUnit project.

Hello??? Anyone from the bitrise team??

Even paying to use the tool, the support is terrible :expressionless:


Hi guys!

Really sorry about the delays and how that left you feeling. What I’d like to ask you is in case you have any urgent questions reach out to us via e-mail and/or on our on-site chat you can find on the bottom right corner of the website or any given time - as we attend to those first by choice and only afterwards can we check on public discussions, so there is an inherent wait time through this choice.

@15mgm15, can you please share your build URL so we can take a look at it?

@bitce Here you go:

Hi @15mgm15,

Thank you for the build URL! Looking at the build logs, the step tries to build the project before running the tests, but the build itself fails. Near the end of the step’s logs the error and warning count is displayed:

1418 Warning(s)
152 Error(s)

And above these results you can see the actual error messages for where the issues happened during the build. Could you also try running the NUnit tests and the build with a full clean git clone to see if these build issues would also happen locally? You can find a guide on the steps here: https://blog.bitrise.io/how-to-debug-your-build-locally

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@tamasbazsonyi This is a build with no compilation issues but I can’t still run the NUnit project:

@15mgm15 Could you please enable support user on the settings tab of the app? ( Enabling the Bitrise Support user for your app | Bitrise DevCenter ) I would like to check some configs, and try a few test builds if it’s ok with you. :upside_down_face:Also in the meantime we are reviewing the step’s code as well to see what could be causing the issue

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@tamasbazsonyi I have enabled support user, let me know when you are available so we run some test builds, thanks!

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