Workflow Trigger on the Basis of commit message

Description of the feature request

There should be a way to trigger workflow on the basis of commit message. Like when I write [ci skip] it skips the test , so I can write [ci workflow1] to run the workflow1

Use case / for what or how I would use it

So this will help me to release the build flavors in android, for now I have to generate a tag by the name of that flavor and then a release is generated.

Hi @AsifDev21!

Thanks for the #feature-request! What git service provider are you using? The reason this can get complicated is because of workflow triggers working by a webhook being sent on certain events to Bitrise to start the build. So the git provider has to be able to detect and send a webhook for the commit message event in this instance.

In my specific case, would be nice to skip a build with other keywords.

+1 In my case, I want to trigger the build only for specific commits. There’s already a commit webhook, it just needs to filter the message and look for specific commands in the message.

I don’t see how this would depend on a specific provider: you send hooks for every commit, but only trigger a build on the matching ones.

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Is this anywhere in the roadmap or it will not implemented at all?

We do have quite a few feature requests that are evaluated and prioritized. One of the key things looked at is the number of votes or requests! I will make sure this is added to the existing request.


I believe this to be a must-have for any serious CI tool, and a deterring point when choosing a CI service. It’s quite common to skip triggering workflows based on commit messages, but also to trigger ones.

Right now the only way to trigger a build from a branch that’s not added under triggers -> push is to manually access Bitrise and start or schedule a build. This is the exact opposite of CI.

+1 on this. Circle CI has this and I used it in the past and it was great.

+1 for this. We had to stand up a new web service to fill this gap.