Workflow naming prevents spaces or special characters now


We have some older workflows that are named with spaces and/or special characters.
ex: “Unit Tests”, “Deploy Enterprise (Fabric)”, etc.

Today though when I went in to create a new workflow it prevented me from adding spaces. It required the name to be all smashed together, “DeployEnterpriseFabric”.

Knowing that the web UI is just a representation of the .yml file I went there and renamed it with spaces. When I went back to the main page though it result in a page error and the workflows failed to display. Reverted shortly after.

Was there a recent change to prevent that older naming style? My existing workflows are fine with their names.

Hi @alexpersian,

Yes, workflow ID can no longer include spaces. Right now it’s still supported, but it’s been deprecated for more than a year now, so it’s not exactly a “recent” change :wink:

I’d suggest you to migrate to the new naming, as even though the old one is still accepted, it generates a warning even in the CLI - you should see a warning at the top of every build log which runs a workflow with space in its ID.

We don’t have an exact ETA for when we’ll require the new naming scheme for the IDs, but we most likely will remove support of the old style in the future. Not 100% sure just yet, as we’re working on quite a few changes for this year, which might or might not require the removal of the old/deprecated wf ID style.

The old style might be kept, or removed (if necessary), the new style is 100% supported and will work.

If you’d have any questions please let us know!