Workflow fails when is pull request but not when is push

I have a test workflow that have a SonarScanner step. For the same commit I get fail when the workflow is triggered by a pull request, but works when is triggered by push.

I have a secret SONAR_LOGIN and I think that is related to expose for pull request flag.
Should all secrets be exposed to run properly on pull request trigger?

Hi @luciano.lima!

Secrets should be exposed for Pull Requests in case you want to use them for PR builds. Otherwise the values won’t be exposed and will be empty.

The feature is implemented, so you can decide how much of it is a risk for you to expose a Secret in your pull request build.

Understand. In my case, all secrets are required to build, so I need to expose all of then with an attention to security. Besides the security warning, can have another issue?

EDIT: I change from PR trigger to Push trigger.

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