Workflow Editor: new-look navigation

We have made some changes to the look and feel of the Workflow Editor, which we think you’ll really like!

The tab-based navigation element have been moved from the top of the screen to the left and we’ve added the main Bitrise menu bar as well. Let us know what you think!

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I don’t know if what I am complaining is from this “new-look navigation”, but I can’t access the custom configs of the steps anymore. See this script step for example:

I can’t access the content of the script, and now to edit the content I need to edit the bitrise.yml.
Is it intended?

Best regards.

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Hi @gustavo-hidalgo-gok - welcome to the Bitrise forum!

Thanks for highlighting this issue and apologies for the inconvenience. This is not intended behaviour, you should be able to edit the script. I am unable to reproduce the issue myself.

The best way to get this resolved is to raise a support ticket here -

And also enable support access so the support team can look at your app - Enabling the Bitrise Support Access for your app - Bitrise Docs

Can you include the browser and version you’re using when you raise the ticket.

Thank you!

Hi again @gustavo-hidalgo-gok, one thing you can try if you are waiting for support is simply to refresh the browser.