Workflow editor loop when cancelling changes in the Secrets tab

The workflow editor does not present an option to discard unsaved changes.

Steps to Reproduce:

  • Create a secret entry. Do not protect it.
  • Save the changes and navigate elsewhere. Then comeback to the Secrets tab of the Workflow editor.
  • Edit the created secret in the first step.
  • Click on Cancel without doing anything. Modifying the secret is also an option but is not required for to reproduce the behavior.
  • Navigate away from the Secrets tab by clicking the yml editor or the Stack tab. Select Cancel in the resulting tab to NOT save the changes.

At this point the user will be dropped back to the Secrets tab. The only option is to Save whatever changes (or lack of) ; or to press F5 to reload the whole page.

Expected behavior is that pressing cancel should allow the changes to be discarded. Adding a third button to explicitly discard might not be necessary. Or the Cancel button can be renamed to “Discard and Continue…”

Hi @anuerind,

Thanks for the bug report! I have passed this on to our Engineering teams for further investigation. :blush:

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