When setting up Match in Fastlane, will provisioning profile update when `readonly` is set to true when adding new device


I have a question on Fastlane behavior. I have Fastlane setup on Bitrise for deploying to Fabric and to the App store with no issues from following the setup guide for match. My question is when a new device is added, will the provisioning profile get updated even though the readonly parameter on match is set to true?

Hi @eman6576,

This depends on your fastlane/match config. There’s no bitrise specific config/behavior in this case, so I’d suggest you to ask this on the fastlane/match issue tracker.

I’d say no, not automatically, but the fastlane/match guys can answer your question for sure :slight_smile:

Cool, I already asked my inquire there. Just curious if anyone in the community had experience with this scenario. Thanks.:grin:

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Sure, no problem at all, I’m just not sure - but maybe someone else can answer it with more certainty, or if you get an answer on fastlane/match tracker you can include the link/answer here :wink:

Here is the answer I received here: https://github.com/fastlane/fastlane/issues/9068

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Awesome, thank you @eman6576! :blush:

We’re having some issues related to this and I’m wondering if there is a way to actually update the repository match uses.
In other words, if is possible to commit and push to a repo other than the build source. Is that possible @viktorbenei?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @underscopeio,

It definitely is possible, but in general not advised, you should update your match repo from your own Mac and just use the provided files in a CI environment.

May I ask why you need / want to push back from Bitrise.io build?