When deploying to the Play Store, how to Untrack Apks when deploying multiples APKs?

The feature “UntrackBlockingVersions” of the “steps-google-play-deploy” seems to work only with single APK’s builds. Unfortunately our build requires 4 APKs and this feature is disabled in that case.

Any idea on how to enable this feature for multiples APKs? We have a rule that it’s possible to deploy direct to Beta without going through the alpha track. All the APKs will have a higher version code than any other APK in the store.

Any help is appreciated, thank you :slight_smile:

Hi @AllanHasegawa,
sorry for my late response!
I scheduled to test if we can untrack blocking versions if apk slit is deployed.

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Hi @AllanHasegawa,
we released a new version 1.4.1 of Google Play Deploy step, which allows you to untrack the blocking apk versions, when you deploy an apk split.