Can't auto public APK

Error log:
Failed to validate edit, error: googleapi: Error 403: Version 1218 of this app can not be downloaded by any devices as they will all receive APKs with higher version codes., multiApkShadowedActiveApk

But if I downloaf the APK file and push it to google play store, it’s successful.

Help me with any ideas.

sorry my English.

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Hey @Scorpion!

This issue is because you have a higher version of apk in one of your lower track, for example you want to upload an apk with version 1218 to production, but you have for example 1219 in your alpha track. The solution is to deactivate higher apk versions in alpha or beta tracks.

Not a long time ago we’ve released a new version of the step which has an option untrack_blocking_versions.

Could you please check if this option is set to true in your google-play-deploy step?
Setting this option to true should automatically deactivate blocking versions of apks.


When you upload the APK using the Google Play web UI it automatically deactivates blocking versions, but the Google Play deploy API does not.


thank you, i’ll try it.