What does "Replace variables in inputs" mean?

I’m getting an issue with our Slack message step where it uses a webhook url property and we have selected a secret value in the workflow for this but when it gets to that step it fails saying that…

e[31;1mError: Both API Token and WebhookURL are empty. You need to provide one of them. If you want to use incoming webhooks provide the webhook url. If you want to use a bot to send a message provide the bot API token
e[33mWARNe[0m[11:01:49] Step (slack@3) failed, but was marked as skippable

But the secret DOES have a value in it.

And if I just update the Slack parameters to have the raw URL string it works fine.

So, I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the check box (which is currently set to false) for “replace variables in inputs”.

But… I have no idea what that means and there doesn’t seem to be any help text or documentation for it.

Should that be set to true?

If so, is this a recent addition to BitRise as these scripts used to work just fine but have stopped working a couple weeks ago.


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Hello @oliver.foggin :wave:

It this issue still stands, could you please send us a related build URL at https://support.bitrise.io/, enable Support User, so that we may take a closer look? :slight_smile: