"Replace variables in inputs" Default to true


I’m not sure if I’m overlooking a major usecase but I would hazard a guess that the vast majority of Variables people enter into the Bitrise UI require the “Replace variables in inputs?” option checked.

Personally, I enter in a large amount of variables into the Bitrise UI (10-15 per app, ~5 apps per week) and it annoys me that I can’t speed through the process because I have to use my mouse to check that box for every variable (unless there’s a way to do it with the keyboard tabbing through that I haven’t found)

It would be a great quality of life change to have this option checked by default and those that are adding variables they don’t want exposed (again, outside of placeholder variables not in use yet I’m not sure why you’d want them) can uncheck them.




I’m not sure I quite understand. Typically you won’t need to toggle on the “Replace variables in inputs?”. This doesn’t need to be toggled on for an env var to be used as an env var. The “Replace variable in inputs?” is an option associated with embedded env var.

For example, let’s say I have the following env vars set in the Env Var tab:

Notice that the last two env vars have the same value but one has “Replace variables in inputs?”

A script step that simply does and echo of $ONE, $ONEREPLACE, and $ONENOREPLACE will result in:


For more details, review https://devcenter.bitrise.io/tips-and-tricks/embedding-env-vars/



Thanks for that explanation Cathy, I think I’d completely misinterpreted that feature. Indeed, I don’t need this checked for most of my variables and this feature request can be disregarded